Mazel tov…

7 May

Greece has the official honor, I think, of being the first European state since WWII that may be about to seat Nazi MP’s, twenty-one of them, in it’s Parliament.  This is a reziliki and embarrassment of major proportions which shows up the childishness of so much of the Greek electorate, which, faced with economic hardships that I don’t want to minimize but hardly justify this response, gave some 8% of its votes to these morons, the Golden Dawn, who have no platform, no ideas other than racism and an embarrassing mish-mash of “Hellenic” Fascist symbolism, and who will probably have to buy their first suits, if a government is formed, to sit in the hallowed halls of the 300.  At the press conference of Nikos Mihaliolakos, the party’s leader, journalists were ordered to stand by one of the party’s black-shirted thugs when their leader came in (in incorrect classicized Greek; it’s “egertheti” not “egerthetw,” ass…) at which a good part of them stood…and walked out.  Again, let’s hope Greek irreverence is our saving virtue.

Mihaliolakos also warned at the press conference, for those who stayed, that: “The time has come for those who betray the Fatherland to be afraid.  We are Greek nationalists”:

On a final note:


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