Jewish New York gets scary, ctd.

20 Jun

I’ve written about the Israeli colonization of the Diaspora mind (in and not in connection with similar process among Greeks) here and here, so I was really intrigued by reading some of the comments on The Forward‘s* original post, which put a really interesting twist on things:

“They couldn’t even write it in Yiddish?” [asks one poster]

[reply]  “The billboard isn’t sanctioned by any official Orthodox organization but rather the work of a lone wolf accentric [sic]. The use of Hebrew rather than Yiddish or English suggests this to be the work of an Israeli trying to import Mea Shearim standards to Brooklyn,  [see: Haredi Judaism**]  The overwhelming majority of Orthodox Brooklynites (including Hassidic and yeshivish) view public spiritual policing as distasteful and bordering on incitefull [sic]. Also, the use of a billboard for this message is an oxymoron, since a spiritually sensitive person that tries to watch his eyes avoids looking at billboards altogether.”

*The Jewish Daily Forward (“Forverts”), a New York institution, central to progressive causes in the city and the country since its founding: The Forward.

**Haredi Judaism: these guys are the ones that made front pages last year for terrorizing a little girl in a short skirt in Israel, and have generally worked their way into a place where they hold much of Israeli politics hostage, though they don’t serve in the Israeli army on grounds that they don’t recognize Israel, but do accept massive amounts of public assistance from the Israeli state because their birthrate is so high and much of them, having only religious education, are unemployable (just so many yeshiva bochers an economy can absorb).  “The vast majority of Haredi Jews rejected Zionism for a number of reasons. Chief among these was the claim that Jewish political independence could only be obtained through Divine intervention, with the coming of the Messiah.”

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