Luke Ranieri: “Christmas Eve with ScorpioMartianus 🎄 Latin & Greek Lesson · Christmas story from the Bible” — a live chat video everyone should watch

31 Dec

Luke Ranieri is more than a classicist; he’s what Greek aunties used to call “a beast of learning”. He makes professional — challenging but accessible — videos on a whole range of linguistic issues, but mostly Latin and secondarily, Greek.

Here he runs through chapter 2 of Luke, the most quoted of the gospels where Christmas narratives are concerned while surfing a live chat of questions for 2:30 hours…completely in Latin! easy, fluent, what sounds like conversational Latin. It’s kinna freaky and very cool to listen to.

(Luke is also generally considered the best writer of the four evangelists, though my grasp of Koinē is hardly good enough to judge; he tells a good story though, probably because he was the only Greek of the four.)

I’ll be back with more of Ranieri’s videos soon.

In the meantime, for those less academically inclined, here is perhaps our civilization’s most famous and influential reading of LukeLinus:


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