This takes some real balls: National Arab Orchestra – Inta ‘Omri / إنت عمري

17 Jan

I mean she’s pretty good and the orchestra’s not half bad either. But to live up to her predecessor and the first, half-goddess’ interpretation of the song, man… It’s almost impudent. I didn’t even think any one had tried that before.

Umm Kalsoum (below), the first interpreter of “Inta ‘Omri” – إنت عمري — “You are my life”

Oum Kalthoum, date and provenance unknown Yes, her name and the name of the song are transliterated in 37 different ways, as Arabic always is.

And the goddess-diva singing the original. Tip: give it some time, this music and its format demand a powerfully jacked attention span.

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