Lies, lies, lies….the olympus view again

20 Jan

Nikos Michailidis @NikosMichailid4Ολύμπια ηλιοβασιλέματα…” (roll eyes emoji)

Aside for his weakness for this one tall tale about Salonica and Olympus, Nikos Mihailidis (Νίκος Μιχαηλίδης) is engaged in :

Cultural Anthropology /Observing Humans/Social theory is not dogma/Interested in the meaning of things/Politics/Arts/Technology/Producing-Materializing Ideas: Cosmopolitan villager Hellenic…

and is a stupendous resource for anything Hellenic through the ages/Byzantine/Ottoman/Modern-Day state relations and affairs…check out his Twitter account: @NikosMichailid4

He’s also a stupendous kemence player (Pontic lyra) and has lots of YouTube content, especially great numbers like this:

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