Andrew Tate Reveals Why He Converted To Islam: What’s the big surprise?

3 Nov
(Richard Burton, Lawrence of Arabia, Gertrude Bell) talking about Islam’s “noble simplicity” its “masculine, martial strength” its demands for rules, restrictions, strong father figure, its tolerance, no racist, Judaic exclusion, no silly, feminine soft gods and shirking…

and faggy blue princes or female goddesses riding on a lion with eight types of battleaxe in each hand (though an erect phallus smeared with ghee and milk might be a turn on to Tate), no mourning mothers, weak, crucified gods, revenge for the slave woman cast out by the evil Jew

and her butch, “wild man” chad son, direct ancestor of PBUH, making the world submit to final and complete revelation…Father, Father, Father, more rules, there’s no IT but IT…

This is IT, five times a day, morals, rules, rules, rules…

…why WOULDN’T all that appeal to an overcompensating ass like Tate? Why are we second-guessing him? He’s telling us exactly what he likes about Islam and libs are bashing him because they don’t want Islam framed in that way but that’s kinna what it looks like to me…

…yes, as the always brilliant @MazMHussain points out, it’s like the last chapter of Houellebecq’s Submission.

(though I’m not sure @MazMHussain likes the rest of my position.)

All that said, why are we giving this ass the time of day? Sorry.

“He’s just an opportunist.” Uh, yeah, why else did anyone ever convert to Islam except opportunism or cowardice? Its “noble male simplicity”?

A simple creed for a very simple man.


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