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You used to be able to click on images on WP to enlargen then so readers could enjoy their greater beauty. Does anybody know what happened?

7 Jun


7 Jun

Unfortunately it’s getting so swawped with pilgrims/tourists that I think you are now allowed to only stay one night at each monastery. Something they should do something about. Travelling to a different monastery a day is exhausting plus you don’t get to know any of the massive, beautiful monastery palaces intimately or the feel of a place or meet any of the clergy who are often fascinating and incredibly intelligent.

New header image

5 Jun
Levan Uchaneishvili as Zurab in Paradzhanov’s Legend of Suram Fortress

Estrella Morente – I can’t get enough of this woman right now

5 Jun

Ay bautizaron, bautizaron a una mora y a España se la trajeron , y a España se la trajeron. Ay en la pila, ay en la pila del bautismo Candelaria le pusieron, Candelaria le pusieron.

Ay, they baptized a Moor and brought her to Spain. And in the font, ay, in the baptismal font, they named her Candelaria, they named her Candelaria.


I adore this very hot shot of Joseph Fiennes in “Shakespeare in Love”

4 Jun

And with his coloring you can easily imagine him a Spanish Golden Age poet tormenting himself over a phrase.-


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Food for Thought

4 Jun

Glendalough @Ciaran61215770 – May 1

“The Irish easily recognize the Slavs because they provoke their innate affection, as if they had been friends with them for a long time, and parted with regret.”

— Dragoš Kalajić

Greek conversations

1 Jun

Neo-Greeks have this, I guess you can call it a neurotic tick: every time you open your mouth to make a fucking point, they interrupt and finish the thought for you. Or worse, they interrupt you and completely change the topic.

It makes being in a parea extremely frustrating and, ultimately, boring. People who know my talkative, English-speaking self are surprised to see how socially quiet I am in Greek. Ultimately it’s beneath me to have to fight to make a point or to try and change the manners of a rude, blah blah blah culture. ‘Cause they’re not listening to you anyway; they’re thinking of their own next sentence.

Mohsen Yeganeh — “Behet Ghol Midam”

24 May

“I promise this won’t be hard — at least not for you.”

“…an almost lacerating intensity…” — New York bars.

24 May
Dutch Kills in Long Island City, Queens.Credit…Christian Hansen for The New York Times

What Is New York Without New York Bars?

Capri Social Club in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.Credit…Mark Kauzlarich – The New York Times

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Nice to be able to count on some things in life — like Croats reverting to form

16 May

Croatian police are allegedly spray-painting the heads of asylum seekers with crosses when they attempt to cross the border from Bosnia.

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