“Interesting response to this poll. People hate Instagram…

6 Dec

“Interesting response to this poll. People hate Instagram— and rightly so because it’s a dying app. But there is currently no other place that can host a gallery of original photos that’s better than it. I likely will make one anyway.”

Nicholas Bakos (aka Nick Νίκο Hикола Коля)


I hate being dicked round and round and round and round on this issue of what social media is best for what and the stupidity and snobbery that accrues around it.

And email dates you and Facebook dates you and NOBODY blogs anymore and Instagram dates you and find me on Whatsapp because I don’t EVER check my email anymore and of course I NEVER answer my phone, and no, can we just stick to Whatsapp, and no, can we just stick to SMS and…

…Βρε άιντε πηδηχθήτε όλοι σας ve haydi siktir y vayan todos a la verga и идите на хуй. And now that it’s sooooo easy to communicate I have to leave 5 different kinds of notification to get in touch with anybody while golums like Zuckerberg and Musk are making billions…

…over playing into your pathetic snobbery as they just make your life more confusing and time-consuming.

And there I just put that on my IG and my blog and Twitter and an email so that I can be an equal opportunity Savonarola to all you vain, narcissistic pricks and to myself.

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