Anti-Blackness and transphobia are older than we thought…

16 Jun

…In the Byzantine Empire, ideas of race and gender were deeply intertwined.

“When did racism begin? Because of how ideas about race shape our contemporary world, some have argued that racism did not exist in the ancient and medieval worlds, that it was a modern invention. Proposing that there was a past before racism helped prop up the notion that Americans were living in a post-racial present, in the decades after the Civil Rights movement.”

Odd that the Post would publish such a article. See Betancourt’s whole piece here: Anti-Blackness and transphobia are older than we thought

Like, who ever thought that the Greeks and Egyptians and Romans and Byzantines and Arabs and Black Africans and Iranians and South Asians and the Chinese didn’t keep slaves for millenia? Way before white North Americans did?

Betancourt is setting up a straw man for himself to shoot down.


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