New Kitchen Wall Art: Belgrade, Gavrilo Princip, Vladimir Mayakovsy

6 Dec

Map of Belgrade, 20th century but not exactly sure (This is for P and S and M and all Dorćol buddies and kafana-dwellers):


GAVRILO PRINCIP, Serbian “revolutionary” or really short, skiny, poor kid from Herzegovina, who shot Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand in Sarajevo in 1914 and supposedly started WWI, though that’s just anti-Serbian prop on part of Western powers who had all been itching…


…for a heroic, “cleansing”, “purifying” war for decades. See the final chapter of Thomas Mann’s Magic Mountain for a gut punch on wasted lives like Kastorp’s and Princip’s and how the war ended up for them.

VLADIMIR MAYAKOVSKY, great hero of mine; though I don’t understand or particularly like his poetry, he’s a model for me of a man’s life well-lived, expansive, Jupiterian, Leonine in a funky, happening Moscow, loving with all his heart and guts and knowing when to check out…


…and even fucking his suicide up for maximum and lengthy agony. Based. His French: “All women are clingy and presumptuous. All men are worthless.” (Correct translation?)

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