Guess where in Greece these traditional women’s costumes are from

11 Oct
Attic costume some time 1950s. The second woman from the left is the bride.
Pogoni, Epirus 1937
Albanian women from Eleusina, in northern Attica, date unknown (women in above Attic picture were also Albanian but now pretty assimilated, with language dying out — ’cause there wasn’t a EU commission for multilingualism back then and non-Greek language in Greece was outlawed and its speakers persecuted and harrassed.)
Karagouna at the spring, Trikala 1930. The Karagounides’ origin is a mystery. They live in the lowlands of Thessaly all year round (don’t ask me how they wore that heavy woolen dress in summer in the Thessalian lowlands, when the plains are a regular frying pan. They speak Greek, not Vlach, and one of the theories is that they once were Vlach who just decided to become farmers in the lowlands and gave up the tradition of Vlach transhumance to the highlands in the summer. Actually is one of the most elaborate and beautiful of traditional Greek costumes.
Greek women from Dropoli in southern Albania, my home base, sometime before WWII I would assume
Most of the costumes above were rural, peasant dress. Women in larger towns and cities wore some or another variation of Ottoman urban dress, like this costume from Jiannena above.

And this last one. Any guesses?

Snag! Wrong! It’s a woman from Ramla in Palestine in the 1930’s. The eastern Mediterranean is one!

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