Colombian women

11 Dec

You don’t want to believe it because it sounds like a cliché or exaggeration (and you don’t want to say it too much because Colombians, men and women, are already so full of themselves) but Colombia really has some of the most spectacular women on the planet. And ⁦@hannibulk, I wonder if some of it is Amazigh. Below left my sis-in-law Johanna and on right bride at tonight’s wedding, Maria from Medellín. For those not in the know, Amazigh is Berber/North African.

@hannibulk can you find any comparable Tunisian, Algerian, Moroccan female types?

Guys, follow@hannibulk on Twitter for Berber Central info and anything else on MENA Mediterranean history you could ever think of. Also, major Carthage and Phoenician history geek. And potential unit.

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