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3 Nov

@hannibulk: “Not a single demographic on the face of the earth is more pathetic than Maghrebi Pan-Africans. They constantly cuck for people who routinely insult them and call them invaders.”


Me: It reminds me of the new Afrocentrism of the 80s in the US (“Was Cleopatra Black?” on the cover of Newsweek.)


Or Spike Lee in a television interview: Katie Couric (?): “So, Spike, tell us about your trip. You just came back from Egypt and Africa…” Spike Lee (sullen, Afro-Nationalist self-righteous face): “Egypt is IN Africa.”

And Üsküdar (below) is in Asia, Spike; that doesn’t mean the people there are Chinese.

What’s wrong with celebrating the richness and complexity of sub-Saharan civilization’s beauty without connecting to Egypt/Greece (Black Athena) for validation. You’re just playing the white man’s game that way, idiot.

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