“Salmon Fishing in the Yemen”

8 Apr

What a friggin’ obnoxious idea for a movie.  As we rush headlong into ecological catastrophe worldwide, as Thomas Friedman describes, just in today’s New York Times, (“The Other Arab Spring” http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/08/opinion/sunday/friedman-the-other-arab-spring.html?_r=1&ref=thomaslfriedman# ) how much of the unrest in the Middle East has been caused by scarce resources, especially water; that, in fact, Yemen may soon be the first country on the planet to run out of it entirely — Lionsgate and BBC Films bring us this life-affirming movie about faith, overcoming doubt, going against the flow, Anglo-Saxon can-do spirit and other crap Hollywood pieties, and how they all come together to realize a rich sheikh’s dream of salmon-fishing in Yemen — er, sorry — The Yemen, a sport he apparently learned to appreciate on Scottish holiday while at Eton or Sandhurst or somewhere.

Shame on actors of McGregor, Kingsley and Scott Thomas’ caliber for participating in this shit.  Serves us right for always naively expecting better from the Brits, too. 


Comment: nikobakos@gmail.com

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