Ain’t that America?

14 Apr

Oh…  But wait…  No!  It’s Greece!  Who’da thought it?

New York Times‘  cover story today:  “Hard Times Lift Greece’s Anti-Immigrant Fringe” about the gaining of political traction by Greece’s neo-fascist party/movement, Golden Dawn. 

See their website t-shirts  for some of the more sickening (and just plain embarrassing) manifestations of the bogus “Hellenic” classicism, which is the fabricated basis of Neo-Greek identity.  Inevitable, if you ask me.  Christoule mou — the word “Hellas” makes my skin crawl.

Few money quotes:

“This is our party’s program, for a clean Greece, only for Greeks, a safe Greece,” Ilias Panagiotaros, the group’s spokesman and a candidate for office, said as he handed out leaflets.”

“But even if Golden Dawn fails to enter Parliament, it has already had an impact on the broader political debate. In response to the fears over immigration and rising crime, Greece’s two leading parties — the Socialist Party and the center-right New Democracy Party — have also tapped into nationalist sentiment and are tacking hard right in a campaign in which immigration has become as central as the economy.”

“Greek society at this point is a laboratory of extreme-right-wing evolution,” said Nicos Demertzis, a political scientist at the University of Athens. “We are going through an unprecedented financial crisis; we are a fragmented society without strong civil associations” and with “generalized corruption in all the administration levels.”

“Mr. Kasidiaris added that he believed that all illegal immigrants should be “deported immediately,” and that Greece should plant minefields along its border with Turkey “Not to kill the immigrants,” he said, “but to clearly define an area that would stop anyone from thinking of accessing the country.””

“If Pakistanis squat your front door, call me, not the cops,” he [Michalis Karakostas] said.

Humanity is so depressingly predictable.  Boy, it was so easy to call Americans vicious racists as long as Greeks were sophisticated, liberal Europeans living the Southern California high life with “xena kolyba,” wasn’t it?

“If Pakistanis squat your front door, call me, not the cops…”  Mwr’ ti mas les…  Greece was always a society where mangia came very cheaply; it’s no surprise that in times of crisis it’s even easier to indulge in.  So, just so that the boys at Auge youth headquarters know, most of the Pakistani immigrants in Greece come from the ethnic  group that constitutes the majority of internal migrants in Pakistan itself; they’re Pashtun mountain kids from the northwest highlands (the people almost evenly divided by the Pak-Afghan border), who are generally known as the most hard-core warriors on the planet, who scared away the British, the Soviets and the Americans, who can handle a Kalshknikov at age ten, a good butcher’s knife by seven, and about whom Congressman Charlie Wilson said in the eighties: “I’d rather spar with a live chainsaw than go up against these guys.”  I’d love these little Athenian tsoglania to meet up with them on their home turf and put their physical well-being where their posturing fascist mouths are.  It’s easy to beat up a lone Albanian on a Patissia side-street.  Let’s see how tough these “Hellenic” pallikaria are when they run the risk of ending up with their heads on a pike.

Lots of unexplained vocabulary in that one — sorry — but it was mostly directed at my paesani anyway.  As the Golden Dawn website says: Kale Anastase…



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