THIS is why I started this blog

22 Apr

One of the cool things about being able to embed a You Tube video is that it eliminates the temptation for the reader to scroll down and read the garbage people write in the comments.  For example this delirious rant about Djokovic’s visit to Kosovo:

“fuck you fuck you Novak Djokovic why you need to go in kosovo go and fuck your ass kosova is not your place mother fucker why you need politics you are shitttt Novak Djokovic you dont need to go in kosovo to show your self who i am we know that you are tenis player and NO Politics you look like SLOBODAN MILOSHOVIQ AND ARKAN kosovo doesent belong to serbia kosvo is indepondent country mother fucker Novak Djokovic”

Agron669 2 weeks ago

It’s almost kind of funny, if you think of it sputtered out violently with a sort of Borat accent.  But actually people like this moron is not why I started this blog.  I started it for people in much higher places than him, who feel exactly the same way, just don’t get on You Tube to express those feelings.  And they’re probably in the majority.  And in frighteningly higher places than you think.



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