Milosevic Party Emerges as Kingmaker

8 May

“Milosevic Party Emerges as Kingmaker,” New York Times

Daniel Zdravkovic, a 21-year-old mechanic, was too young to remember the Milosevic era but said that he, too, was nostalgic for the socialist equality his parents and grandparents had known. He said he liked Mr. Dacic because he was honest, strong and decisive.

“I am too young to remember the Milosevic years, but they couldn’t have been worse than today when no one has a job,” “I would rather have closer ties with Russia, which is a better friend to Serbia than Europe.”

…though there’s no historical precedent for believing in that friendship other than vague notions of Orthodox solidarity.  At no point in its two-century-long war with the Ottomans or after did Russia in the Balkans behave in a way that could even remotely be interpreted as anything other than acting in its own imperialist self-interest.

Except for Count Vronsky of course…and poor Garshin.



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