16 May

I know that just a few entries ago I commended Cavafy for his anti capital punishment beliefs, but this is one of those cases where you wanna say: ok, just take this guy out and stone him…or: we’re dealing with such a psychopath that this isn’t the proper venue.

From the AP:

“Bosnian Serb Gen. Ratko Mladic taunted Srebrenica survivors on Wednesday at the start of his trial for genocide, running his hand across his throat in a gesture of defiance to relatives of the worst massacre in Europe since World War II,” Reuters writes from The Hague.

The wire service says Mladic “made eye contact with one of the Muslim women in the audience, running a hand across his throat, in a gesture that led Presiding judge Alphons Orie to hold a brief recess and order an end to ‘inappropriate interactions.’ ” [my emphasis]

According to The Telegraph, “Mladic made throat-cutting gestures to Munira Subasic, a woman who lost 22 relatives to Bosnian Serb military forces when the enclave of Srebrenica was overrun in July 1995, as she watched the trial from the glassed off public gallery.”


That’s why I’m so infuriated by “we-lived-so-happy-there-was-no-difference-between-us” garbage.  The readiness with which such — I’m loath to call them “traditional” — emotions, actions, gestures like Mladic’s resurface gives such obvious lie to any such simplistic, glib fictions.

And while we’re remembering Srebrenica, here’s something to make crisis-ridden Greeks proud and take their minds off the impending Tsipras tsunami:

“Greek Volunteers controversy”

Main article: Greek Volunteer Guard

According to Agence France Presse (AFP), a dozen Greek volunteers fought alongside the Serbs at Srebrenica.[148] They were members of the Greek Volunteer Guard (ΕΕΦ), or GVG, a contingent of Greek paramilitaries formed at the request of Ratko Mladic as an integral part of the Drina Corps. Some had links with the Greek neo-Nazi organisation Golden Dawn, [my emphasis] others were mercenaries. The Greek volunteers were motivated by the desire to support their “Orthodox brothers” in battle.[8] They raised the Greek flag at Srebrenica after the fall of the town at Mladic’s request, to honour “the brave Greeks fighting on our side.”[149] Radovan Karadžić subsequently decorated four of them.[150][151][152][153]

In 2005 Greek deputy Andreas Andrianopoulos called for an investigation of the Greek volunteers’ role at Srebrenica.[154] The Greek Minister of Justice Anastasios Papaligouras commissioned an inquiry, which had still not reported as of July 2010.[155]

In 2009 Stavros Vitalis announced that the volunteers were suing the writer Takis Michas for libel over allegations in his book Unholy Alliance, in which Michas described aspects of the Greek state’s tacit support for Serbia during the Bosnian war. Insisting that the volunteers had simply taken part in what he described as the “re-occupation” of the town Vitalis acknowledged that he himself was present with senior Serb officers in “all operations” for Srebrenica’s re-occupation by the Serbs.[156][157] Michas notes that the volunteers were treated like heroes and at no point did Greek justice contact them to investigate their knowledge of potential crimes to assist the work of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia at The Hague.[158]”


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