Nicholas Gage

20 May

Yes guys, my comment on Nicholas Gage (“The Champion of Greek Outrage,” May 18), was sarcastic.  Gage has a deep and highly personal bone to pick with the Greek Left, in which I am totally behind him and totally support him and totally grant him every justification for.  I’ve got almost the same bone, in fact.  I just don’t think he’s the guy to be writing about Tsipras and Syriza.

I didn’t know Alcibiades, except enough to know that he was the homme fatal of fourth-century Athens that could crash Socrates’ parties whenever he felt like.   Zachariadis was a shit of the highest order and Greek communists under his leadership committed some of the most horrible crimes of post-war Europe — crimes of a rare Stalinist ideological purity that continued to characterize Greek communism till recently.  But it’s a little journalistically dishonest of the Times to let Gage write an op-ed piece on this issue without some background.  Out of respect, I’ll let readers find out about that on their own if they choose.



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