Rezili* again…

16 Jun

…and great pride that enough, decent ordinary Greeks are resisting this wave of fascist, anti-immigrant violence.

A vehemently racist Neo-Greek nationalist — in which I’m oddly in the position of occasionally corresponding with, when I can stomach it — tried to convince me recently that something on this scale would happen in America or Germany if they were hit with a wave of immigration like Greece has been, that — in his words — the Ku Klux Klan would be elected into office in the U.S. and that Germans would have resurrected Hitler himself.  Bullshit.  I can’t speak for Germany but as for the United States, there is no comparison between the ratio of anti-immigrant attacks that have occurred in just the past year, let’s say, in a country of 300 million compared to a country of 10 million.  For all the power that the lunatic-fringe right has acquired in the U.S., I look at Greece today and recognize once again what an essentially open, welcoming and tolerant country this is.

Egyptian fishermen who have lived in Perama for ten years and destitute, terrified Afghans in Plateia Attikes aren’t your problem.  Greece’s fake prosperity crumbled, as it was bound to — and I will continue to repeat the “fake” position until someone convinces me otherwise — and the Neo-Greek showed the ugliest part of his face.  This was once one of the most open, world-curious, innately friendly and cosmopolitan peoples of the world.  Immigrants didn’t change that.  The delusions of the past few decades and the cheap, ugly culture it created did.

For non-Greek readers, forgive me for the Greek-heavy content of recent posts.  Elections are tomorrow, the German best-selling tabloid rag Bild, printed — in both German and Greek — a highly incendiary, ugly, neo-colonist editorial today essentially threatening the Greek electorate to vote the “right” way, in a Mafia-like tone, replete with threats of repercussions if they reject the ‘offer they can’t refuse,’ and the sadness, anger and frustration are very great.

*Rezil is a Turkish word — don’t know its original derivation — that means shame or public humiliation.



One Response to “Rezili* again…”

  1. Ayk Orman August 16, 2012 at 8:03 pm #

    Hi Nikos,

    Things are not going well in Greece. I guess that Neo Greek is right. What he did thought of just came alive. Xrisi Avgi – Golden Dawn made a significant success in last election in June and they have already started to collect the tolls:

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