Shajarian, Moshiri, “Khurshid-e-Arzu”

24 Jun

This is Khurshid-e-Arzu, the “Sun of my Desire,” a piece both composed and sung by Shajarian junior.  The lyrics are from a poem of Fereydoun Moshiri’s.  Moshiri is one of Iran’s great twentieth-century poets, credited with, if not ‘modernizing’ Persian poetry, at least creating a newer language that would get past the moth-and-flame, rose-nightingale, classical imagery (but every twentieth-century Iranian poet I learn about is credited with the same thing — such is the weight of their literary past I guess.)  This particular piece, at least, seems pretty traditional in its emotional tone, which is not in any way a negative assessment; I can’t tell how the language might be used differently.

This isn’t a ‘song.’  This is a composition, based on a mode like most of our music is.  It’s a suite — part of one, at least — meaning it has a structure, an architecture, a narrative arc.  If you don’t have twelve minutes to listen to it all in one piece (it’s already been cut from its original eighteen minutes) or twelve-minute’s worth attention span generally, then it’s best you don’t bother.  All you’ll hear is an “amanes*,” some ‘oriental wailing.’ *(See footnote to “Something Beautiful from Greece: Minore-tes-Auges-Rembetiko” June 17th)

The translation obviously leaves a bit to be desired I imagine.  But until we all get it together to learn Farsi, as any civilized man should, it’ll have to do.  Sorry, as well, for the hokey video.  It’s hard to find video of live performances.  Lyrics in Farsi and English below.  Enjoy.

بگذار سر به سینه ی من تا که بشنوی
آهنگ اشتیاق دلی دردمند را

شاید که پیش از این نپسندی به کار عشق
آزار این رمیده ی سر در کمند را

بگذار سر به سینه ی من تا بگویمت
اندوه چیست، عشق کدام است، غم کجاست

بگذار تا بگویمت این مرغ خسته جان
عمریست در هوای تو از آشیان جداست

دلتنگم آنچنان که اگر ببینمت به کام
خواهم که جاودانه بنالم به دامنت

شاید که جاودانه بمانی کنار من
ای نازنین که هیچ وفا نیست با منت

تو آسمان آبی آرام و روشنی
من چون کبوتری که پرم در هوای تو

یک شب ستاره ها ی تورا دانه چین کنم
با اشک شرم خویش بریزم به پای تو

بگذار تا ببوسمت ای نوشخند صبح
بگذار تا بنوشمت ای چشمه ی شراب

بیمار خنده های توام بیشتر بخند
خورشید آرزوی منی گرمتر بتاب

Lay your head on my chest to hear
The song of desire of a heart in agony,
Perhaps you would no longer favor, in the affair of love,
To hurt this ensnared startled bird.
Lay your head on my chest and let me tell you
What sorrow is, what love is, where grief is.
Let me tell you of this weary bird,
So long away from its nest in yearning for you.
So much am I sick at heart that if I see you,
I wish to forever cry at your feet,
So you might stay with me forever,
Oh love, you are not true to me!
You are the blue sky, bright and still,
I, like a dove flying in your air.
One night I will pluck your stars one by one,
And with my humble tears, I will pour them at your feet.
O sweet smile of morning, let me kiss you!
O fountain of wine, let me drink you!
I long for your laughter; laugh more!
You are the sun of my desires; shine more!

Fereydoun Moshiri

Homayoun Shajarian: enjoying a reluctant bit of a star moment…  But always dead serious about his music; this is a rare shot of him smiling…


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