New burial of Srebrenica victims – no comment

11 Jul

The forensics’ teams of the International Commission of Missing Persons considers this one of their most challenging cases ever, since the original mass grave, which they now think may have contained up to 9,000 bodies and not the original rough estimate of 7,000, was dug up with bulldozers for Serbian fear of its being found (of all things, this is what they decided they were going to get retroactive cold feet about?) and the bodies reburied in smaller pits all over Bosnia, damaging evidence, obviously, and leaving one individual’s body parts in a potential multitude of sites.  Some of the ICMP people have identified bodies that they say may have been buried, dug up and reburied up to three or four times and fewer than six thousand have been identified, subjecting Bosnians to this incessant wound re-gashing as the process continues and newly identified remains are buried in mass funerals.  It almost makes you wonder whether modern forensics and DNA technology are such a great thing.


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