This is what I want in this heat: Faloodeh

12 Jul

It’s frozen vermicelli noodles made either from corn starch or rice flour, with sour cherry syrup on it and lotsa lime juice, sometimes pistachios or mint leaves too.  The lime heightens the sweet-tartness of the vyssino-visne-sour cherry tartness in that subtle, complex juxtaposition of fruitiness and sourness that Iranians are such experts at (in desserts and all foods), and it turns into the most refreshing, delicious slushy you could ever want to eat.  Sold on the street apparently in Iran, it must be heaven to have in the heat and dust.  I fantasize about it when the weather gets like this.

Kheyli mamnun to my beloved friend F. for introducing me to it.

A saffron ice cream with a chewy, masticha-sakiz-like texture is my second favorite…


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