Nole, man…

8 Sep

I commented yesterday about Janko Tipsarevic (SRB), in his beautiful, beautiful match against David Ferrer (ESP) that: “Janko may actually have a steadier, more perseverant grit than Nole — with his unpredictable, emotional ups and downs — does.”

Janko (click)

And sure enough, there Djokovic was today, against a monster like David “The Wall” Ferrer — Ferrer, one of the fittest, strongest players in the game, banging away in a never-say-die style that first blew me away just the other day, and Novak in one of his his pissy-little-prince moods because of the weather, visibly daydreaming on the court, letting himself get creamed. 

Ferrer (click)

And the Prestolonaslednik

Luckily for him, the game was suspended in mid-first set due to weather (5-2 Ferrer and not looking like it was gonna get any better).  The U.S. Open is the only Slam event that stupidly doesn’t have any indoor courts or provisions for shelter and the match will be resumed tomorrow morning; Final moved to Monday.

This is the Semi-Final of the U.S. Open, Mr. Djokovic, a Grand Slam event, of which you haven’t won any since Australia, in case you don’t remember.  You’re up against FERRER again tomorrow and, if you’re lucky, Murray on Monday.  Get it the fuck together.  No champagne tonight.  And for the tenth time, get out of Monaco!  It’s BAD for you.


And Nole’s parents, Dijana and Srdjan Djokovic:

Good genes.  But nobody ever doubted the quality of that gene pool.  Here, for instance, is Tipsarevic (click), when not locked in the mortal agony of a death match:



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