Nasreddin’s donkey: an opposing (and perhaps convincing) view

24 Sep

In response to”Merkel, Spain, Greece and Nasreddin’s Donkey,”a reader writes:

“You‘ve taken this all wrong and gotten down this path in such a speed that you are missing the point. It isn’t the Germans starving our pathetic souls, they are actually saving us. Just when the crisis hit us the government was already in an annual deficit of 30billion euro (spending 80 billion and bringing in 50) paying pensions to dead people, epidomata to blind people who drove cars and played tennis, giving out 16 monthly payments a year to the 2000 ypalliloi of the parliament (yes, 2000 people work there) and supporting government organizatrions that do absolutely nothing (the organismos gia tin apoksiransi tis Kopaidas limnis still exists costing us money). With 30 billion minus every year, even if they had deleted all our 2009 debt of 350 billion we would have reached this debt level again in 11 years. If it were me, I wouldn’t have given a penny unless the greek people lynched the politicians, literally. [my emphasis]I don’t like Merkel either but it is us and our corrupt and inept politicians that caused and sustain the problem. And in recognition of this fact, we elected the same people back.The Europeans when asked in total distress by us (because we asked them) pledged us 120 billion in loans and they aranged almost another 100 billion in writeoffs, the biggest ever. The IMF for which we all give money gave only 30 billion and said they don’t have more. So you can blame Germans for many things but not for this. Merkel always starts off her speeches on Greece with recognizing the suffering of the Greek people in the hands of their unbelievable politicians. When was the last time our MPs stood up and aplauded another people as the Germans did some monmths ago in the parliament. They are asking us (begging us, threatening us) for more than 2 years now to do what we promised in reforms, most of them part of the pre-election promises of many governments for years, not imposed by Germans. Again, I wouldn’t have given a penny.”



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