Nole takes Murray down — finally

14 Oct

“Vengeance – this is a breath of life one shares from the cradle with one’s fellow clansmen, in both good fortune and bad, vengeance from eternity.  Vengeance was the debt we paid for the love and sacrifice our forebears and fellow clansmen bore for us.  It was the defense of our honour and good name, and the guarantee of our maidens.  It was our pride before others; our blood was not water that anyone could spill.  It was, moreover, our pastures and springs – more beautiful than anyone else’s – our family feasts and births.  It was the glow in our eyes, the flame in our cheeks, the pounding in our temples, the word that turned to stone in our throats on hearing that our blood had been shed.  It was the sacred task transmitted in the hour of death to those who had just been conceived in our blood.  It was centuries of manly pride and heroism, survival, a mother’s milk and a sister’s vow, bereaved parents and children in black, joy and songs turned into silence and wailing.  It was all, all.”

Land Without JusticeMilovan Djilas


“Resilient Djokovic SLAMS Murray”



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