13 Nov

Woefully amiss in my coverage of Nole this year…  But he was spectacular in this match: “Rafael Nadal vs. Novak Djokovic: Score and Recap from 2013 ATP World Tour Final”

“With the win, Djokovic has left the blueprint for how to beat Nadal. The problem is, he’s pretty much the only player in the world who can follow that blueprint to a T.

“Almost nobody can move as well as Djokovic. In addition, his defense is unparalleled on the tour. That means he can track down Nadal’s best shots on hard courts and then answer back with a shot that puts him on the offensive. This prevents his opponent any chance to breathe.”



This is turning into one of history’s great sports rivalries.  Neither can manage the complete shunting aside of the other– a fierce, non-stop grudge-match — and the emotional roller-coaster of following their battle is heart-pounding almost every time.

I’ll have some comments on the profile The New Yorker did on Djokovic earlier this fall, The Third Man” as soon as I get a chance.


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