Fuck you Apple

18 Feb

Apple has plastered Paris with massive billboards of its IPhone 5.

On the Ile de la Cite, right opposite the Quai des Grands-Augustins and fatsa with the St. Michel fountain, one of the city’s iconic meeting places, so you have to look at it the whole time you’re waiting for your friend:


On the Place des Vosges!!!IMG00372-20140217-1519



on the Rue de Rivoli, by the Palais Royal…everywhere.  And the most annoying part is that at the bottom of each of these monstrous placards is written: “Cet affichage contribue au financement de la restauration de l’immeuble.” — “This billboard contributes to financing the restoration of this building.

You know, if Jobs and his successors are really such a bunch of menschen, hand over a few billion that I’m sure Paris could use and be quiet about it; put in in your next e-letter maybe.  Or if you just wanna go the cheap whore route, then paste images of your hideous fluorescent-colored widget all over the beauty of humanity’s premier urban center and do it with shameless abandon if you like; I’ll respect you more.  But don’t subtitle your greed and disrespect with mealy-mouthed, corporate platitudes.

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