“YouTube yok…” is only funny in Greek.

16 May

I thought I needed to explain because some people asked…

“Yok” in Turkish just means “there isn’t” or “there isn’t any” as opposed to “var” which means “there is” and it’s often used as a more informal way of saying “no” than the, I guess, more formal “hayır.”

But to Greek ears the word has a particularly Turkish tone of finality and even thickheadedness about it.  That’s it.  Yok.  Don’t even bother.  Don’t even try.  Like with a donkey that’s sat down in the middle of the road and just is not getting up again till it feels like.  It’s not happening.

These things aren’t meant to offend anybody and it may seem like the waste of a post to explain it.  But little details like this often add up to a bigger picture of how people — for either better or worse — see each other.  In this case, it is true that Erdoğan‘s stupid intransigence on so many issues strikes many Greeks as particularly Turkish.

For Greeks, there’s never a final word in any discussion, partly because we just love listening to ourselves.

But a Turkish “yok” is The End.


Comment: nikobakos@gmail.com

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