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17 May

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CALL FOR HELP: Help the people and children suffering in floods. Together we are stronger!


SEVERE floods have struck the people in Serbia these days, leaving thousands of children homeless, without food, water, warm and dry clothes. Roads and bridges are flooded, schools and kindergartens have been shut down, 100,000 homes in Serbia left without power, while rain-swollen rivers and surging water course through towns and villages, overflowing across streets into homes, causing landslides and other disasters.

The situation is so dramatic, that the entire families have lost their homes in the floods. Finding a shelter is a real adventure for many. In the city of Svilajnac more than 1.000 flood victims had to seek refuge on the roof tops, waiting for the rescuers to come and save them. In Veliko Polje near Obrenovac the dam broke, and the river flooded the whole area… Hundreds of cars and buses are stranded along the flooded roads. The situation is the most dramatic in western Serbia, where more than 500 people were evacuated during the night.

These are the heaviest rains and floods ever recoded in 120 years. Entire towns are cut off and the slow-moving cyclone is said to last until the weekend. Serbia has already declared a nationwide flood emergency on Thursday. Several people have already drowned and the numbers are only growing.

Meteorologists say that more than double of Serbia’s average rainfall for the whole of May is expected to fall within just two and half days. Major traffic routes, such as the E-75 Belgrade-Skopje highway, are submerged. Serbia’s rail link to Montenegro is also severed.


In Bosnia and Herzegovina, they are still struggling with surging waters. Overflowing rivers have burst into towns and villages, cutting off whole communities, while landslides have buried houses.

The most critical area is near river Sava, so called Posavina. Conditions in Šamac are dire, the Brčko district mound is threatened by deluged water. It is said that the level of River Sava is over nine meters high and almost 1.35m higher than it was in 2010.

Yesterday because the dam near Batkovci fell, started the evacuation of 10.000 people. Army helicopters have been sent to evacuate stranded residents but bad weather is hampering the rescue efforts.

Ways You Can Help In Serbia

​Money donations:​

Government of Serbia

ŽIRO RAČUNI ZA POMOĆ (dinarski i devizni računi Vlade Srbije za pomoć ugroženima):

  • Dinarski račun: 840-3546721-89. Svrha uplate: Otklanjanje posledica vanrednih okolnosti – poplave.
  • Devizni račun: 01-504619-100193230-000000-0000, namenski devizni račun za uplatu sredstava za otklanjanje posledica od poplava
    For donations from abroad: Money transfer instructions can be found here.

SMS number for help (for all networks, price 100 RSD):1003

Current account for help (City of Belgrade):

  • Special purpose account: 01-504103-100000300-000000-0000 – Grad Beograd – Sekretarijat za finansije. IBAN: RS35908504103000030058.  Payment Instructions are on the website of the City of Belgrade, at

RED CROSS SERBIA – Payment from abroad: All instructions can be found at this link.

Red Cross Serbia will announce in the media where they have directed their money.


Should you wish, you can also choose to donate to NDF via our paypall account. All the money we have received starting from yesterday, will be used for reconstruction of kindergartens and schools ruined in the floods.

After Monday, we will have a clearer picture where the help is most needed and we will announce it via our channels. Please follow us for more updates.

​Call Centers​

The Ministry of the Interior Affairs has also established a call center through which all interested people willing to help, are able to obtain information in order to realise their contributions. The call center will be open 24 hours a week and will coordinate all actions with other governmental agencies.

The telephone numbers of the call center: + 381 11 312 0741 ,+ 381 11 312 0739, + 381 11 312 9939,+ 381 11 312 0742, + 381 11 312 0646, + 381 11 3148 474, + 381 11 3148 547, + 381 11 3613 321, + 381 11 3148 509, + 381 11 3148 517.

You can also get information emailing to:

Humanitarian Actions​

People who want to help, can contribute and take part in the action #HumanostNaDelu (HumanityAtWork). The collecting of clothes and canned food takes place on Saturday, May 17th, from 12-17 hours, at “Udruženje novinara Srbije”, 28/I Resavska street.

BELGRADE: Help with clothes, shoes, money is collected at the point in the “ATEX ” Milorad Jovanovic 7

BELGRADE: Help in food and water is collected in “INTERKOMERC “, Bulevar Brigade 31

BELGRADE: Help is collected at the Old DIF ( Deligradska 27). Working all night and has accommodation.

BELGRADE: Help is collected by the students of PMF (Natural Mathematical Faculty)

BELGRADE: NOTICE – Fair Hall 11 has enough supplies for the next two – three days. Aid should be diverted to other points.

NIS: Red Cross– Obrenoviceva 39 – Saturday from 8 to 14h. Student Cultural Center – Garden of the University of Nis , entrance from the street Šumatovačka – Saturday from 12 -18h . (Thanks to the cast of ” Southern News” , visit their website for more information on checkpoints in southern Serbia).

Vranje: Red Cross– Square Bratsva and Unity 22 – 24 hours on duty – additional information by phone: 017 74-16-633

Kragujevac: Red Cross, Svetozar Markovic 7 , on duty from 9 -19h .

Dimitrovgrad Municipality and the Red Cross is collecting donations in the sports hall, on duty from 7 -19h every day .

PARAĆIN: Municipal Building Paracin , Tom Živanovića bb – call center in Paracin 063367100

The list of points and (NOTE : Not all locations tested )

Drop in Center Belgrade: Help Shelter in Krfska street has collected enough clothes, blankets and etc. The aid should be diverted to other parties: Information and assistance in Krfska 7 or by phone at +381 11/641-4928 .

Clothing and hygiene needed in shelters for adults in Belgrade Kumodraska 226A , 011 2463-987,

  • also needed help and shelters – the receiving station in Belgrade, Bulevar Liberation 219, +381 11 / 309-6741 (available 24 hours).

Information on individual initiatives can be found on Twitter using the hashtag #Serbiafloods and #poplave. We urge that these hashtags be used only for the purpose of help and information.

Ways You Can Help In Bosnia

Government of Bosnia and Herzegovina has opened following accounts to accept donations for the victims of floods in Bosnia:

For donations from BiH:

Account number: 1020500000112809

For donations from abroad:

IBAN CODE: BA391020500000106795
(information on corresponding banks is on the page


Ministry of Finance of Bosnia – special purpose account for the victims of the floods

Instruction for international payments

Beneficiary Bank: Unicredit bank AD Banja Luka 
Bank address: Marije Bursać 7, BA-78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Beneficiary Name: Ministarstvo finansija: Jedinstveni devizni račun trezora
Beneficiary Address: Trg Republike Srpske 1 BA-78000 Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Beneficiary Account Nr: BA39 5517 9048 0118 3851
Purpose of payment: Financial aid for floods affected population and areas

You can find more info on happenings in Bosnia and ways you can help here:



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