Nole makes it to French finals…

6 Jun

And ChronBeta publishes the most knockout Serb-berserker-warrior-Achilles-in-Book-XXI-Iliad photographs of him that I’ve ever seen.  Click on all of them with care, please; the files are large and their beauty is terrifying — as true beauty always is.

And now begin forty-eight or so hours of sleeplesness for me till Sunday’s final.  If Nole finally takes Garros, I’m going to sell my house to keep him in rackets to smash for the rest of his career and go on a walking pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  Then maybe become a monk somewhere.  If he doesn’t, I have no plans for the rest of my life.  Expect to hear no more from me.

DJOK-Garros 2014 -1Darko Vojinovic/AP

Nole Garros 41680x1680Michel Euler/AP

Djok Garros 2014 2David Vincent/AP

Djok - Garros 3David Vincent/AP

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