Return to Paris: “Ode to the Classic Bistro”

19 Jun


From the New York Timesan article by Elaine Sciolino that makes me physically hurt not to be there again…


Money quote:

“None of that for me. Call me old-fashioned, but my idea of the perfect bistro is a place where the dishes are traditional, the ingredients seasonal, the service attentive, the price acceptable and my relationship with the chef close enough that I can visit the kitchen when the meal is over. Julia Child put it best in her posthumous memoir, ‘My Life in France’: ‘The kind of food I fell in love with,’ she wrote, was ‘not trendy, souped-up fantasies, just something very good to eat.'”


Bistro 220140604-LETTER-slide-JRF9-superJumbo

(All photos by Ed Alcock for The New York Times — click)


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