The white-girl “chillo”* — finally…

23 Oct

This Sprint commercial confirms for me that the zeitgeist has finally become conscious of one of the most annoying forms of public behavior to appear over the past couple of decades: white-girls screaming all night long at social events or clubs and bars.  I can’t tell you how many tables I’ve had to move from, bars I’ve had to walk out of, and just ruined evenings I’ve tallied up over the years as I’ve tried to escape these screeching girl-hordes.  The din of any noisy public place in New York nightlife is almost always distinctly female in timbre, with the women definitively out-decibelling the men.  What is that?  No other ethnic or gender or age group in any other country engages in this practice.  Only American white-girls under 40.

What is it?  What is it supposed to mean?  When did it start?  Is Sex and the City responsible?  Help us.



* “chillo” 0r the verb “chillar” is a great Spanish word that means a combination of crying hysterically and screaming, like a possessed colic baby.


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