Djoković king of the court: “…a chilling and simple declaration of intent.”

20 Nov

From the Guardian:

1 Novak Djoković

2014 Won 61 Lost 8 Titles 7 Prize money $14,250,527

There is no sensible argument about who is the best player still standing at the end of 2014. Advocates of Rafael Nadal have to acknowledge the dominance of Novak Djoković, below, at least until the Spaniard returns to full fitness, while Roger Federer, sitting just behind the Serb in the rankings after a rousing surge at the end of the season, is now also struggling with a back problem. In the jungle of modern tennis Djoković is not only the best but the strongest. He declared on Sunday, “Right now I’m at my pinnacle in the career. I physically feel very fit. I’m very motivated to keep on playing on a very high level.” That is a chilling and simple declaration of intent. [my emphases]

Serbia's Novak Djokovic has shown that he is top dog when it comes to survival of the fittest.


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