Something I haven’t felt in a long time: proud that I’m Greek

12 Dec

I don’t condone the violence or the destruction, especially to a city I love and that’s been through enough in the twentieth century (though, mostly at our own hands).  But it makes me super-happy that enough Greeks still have the balls to get angry again — as they face another round of austerity measures after being squeezed in a German choke-hold for years and complying with it; that there’s still Greeks enough with conscience enough to care about the condition under which refugees in their country and especially Syrians live; and that perhaps, just perhaps, some Greeks have started seeing their plight as of a piece with the suffering of others.  A flood of articles on recent events in Athens:

From Vice, (they have a bureau in Athens — much respect…) good video, disturbing images:

Greek Anarchists Set Athens on Fire in Solidarity with a Hunger Striker — December 4, 2014 — By Anna Ninni





poreia-nikos-rwmanos-body-image-1417603711Photos from VICE — unattributed as far a I can see.  (click)

And Greek saving grace — scathing humor:

“A few demonstrators decided to get sarcastic with the riot police. They shouted, “Do you want a bottle of water, guys?” and “Aren’t you stealing any water bottles today?”—referring to the night of November 17, when a rally marking the 41st anniversary of a student uprising against the junta ​turned violent. That night, a protester threw a bottle of water at the riot squad and they unleashed a torrent of tear gas.”


The Cops Cracked Down on Greece’s Young Anarchists

And, of course, Al Jazeera: “Greece: Politics, anarchy and a hunger strike.”

by Fragiska Megaloudi





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