Stefan Djoković

21 Jan

Now M. is really gonna get on my case for being a ridiculous Djoković groupie

Nobak Sdjokovic628x471(click)

Nothing exciting to report from the Australian Open yet — just the top guys creaming the rest till they get to their inevitable show-down.  But Djoković did declare that he’s going into the 2015 and the Open with his marriage and new son bringing “new meaning” and joy to his life.

“The year 2014 has been the best of my life. I started my family … I feel more satisfied and complete. I am happy to such an extent that it’s hard to express and describe it…”

…Djokovic said in an interview with the holiday edition of the Serbian daily Politika.

Yeah, this is old news.  What I didn’t know — and found moving — is that the kid’s name is Стефан, Stefan, which was the obligatory imperial name of Serbian mediaeval kings: Stefan Nemanjić, Stefan Dušan, Stefan Uroš

Just one of those things that get me a little hopped-up.  Not to mention that this kind of hetero-sentimentality from anyone else would make me throw up.  But hotness has its privileges.

Car_Dušan,_Manastir_Lesnovo,_XIV_vek,_MakedonijaTsar Stefan Dušan, fresco from the monastery of Lesnovo, XIV century.



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