Photo: Frau Merkel

24 Jan

She’s the daughter of an East German Communist apparatckik Lutheran pastor.  I’m sorry, but that’s all I need to know…  How much more of a moralizing and, at the same time, morally compromised, background can someone possibly be from.

I don’t know if readers get the full connotation of the word “apparatchik.”  But it means a member of a Communist party in former Eastern Europe that enjoyed the kind of privileges that more than anything made the supposed egalitarianism of the “existing socialism” of Communist Europe a heinous lie and an ugly joke.  It meant living well — comfortable housing, summer houses, trips abroad — as millions suffered…terribly.  And to have been a cleric in that structure that enjoyed official favor, you had to have been the worst kind of collaborator and informant for a horrendous system of terror.  And Protestant on top of it…

And the future of much of humanity rests in her hands.

CeBIT ErËffnung 2010(click)


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