Stunner Eid-al-Adha photo essay from “Roads and Kingdoms” by SABA IMTIAZ

30 Sep

From a great site called “Roads & Kingdoms” edited — or “curated” — by my man and hero Anthony Bourdain among others.  An insult it call it either a travel, much less a “foodie,” site.  These photos of the Muslim feast commemorating Abraham’s willingness to sacrifice his son Isaac if it was God’s will are just stunners.  It comes at the beginning or end of Hajj; I can’t remember.  Forgive me Ms. Imtiaz for just blatantly ripping them off like this.  I couldn’t resist.*

Click on all of them.  The files are huge and they’re knock-outs.  Or just go to the original piece and see them in their full glory — “A Stage Set for Slaughter“, because her writing is impressive too — though not quite as celebratory as one — or NikoBako — might have wanted; she seems to have done the piece to get over her own vegetarian apprehensions — dunno.

“A butcher drags a white bull to one side and ties its front hooves together. Two men force the animal to lie down while another bull looks on unworriedly, perhaps not realizing it is next in line. The men hold the bull down firmly as the butcher says “Allah, Allah” and slices a knife across its throat. Bright red blood gushes out and pools onto the street.

“The cow thrashes once, twice, and then lies still.”

Adha 1

Adha 2

Adha 3

Adha 4

Adha 5

Adha 6

Adha 7

Adha 8

Adha 9

Adha 10

Adha 11

Adha 12

Adha 13

Adha 14

Adha 15

Adha 16

Saba Imtiaz is a freelance journalist in Karachi, Pakistan, and the author of Karachi, You’re Killing Me! Her work is available on and she can be contacted at


* I imagine it’s unethical, but since being forcibly expelled from journalism internment camp, I could kinda give a sh*t, unless Ms. Imtiaz has a problem, which I’m sure she’ll let me know as I’ve contacted her.  Meanwhile, I’ll consider it fair use which is all I remember from legal.


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