If the Russians flattened Incirlik tomorrow I would have no problem

24 Nov

If only to teach that ass a lesson and start putting him in his place.  And I would tell all Hacivat-syndrome-ridden Turks that: “Sorry, you voted for him…” (see link to previous post below), the way all the lefty White Turks I knew back in 2003 told me “my” Congress had voted to invade Iraq and who are still easing their lazy academic consciences by blaming everything on the American invasion.


This is the tiny corner of Antakya where said violation of airspace took place — a corner which shouldn’t even belong to Turkey and was acquired in the late 30s by our “peace-at-home-peace-in-the-world” neighbor’s strong-arming of the League of Nations (no great achievement) into calling a bogus referendum for what was then an autonomous part of the French Mandate of Syria.  If Greece had NATO backing to shoot down every Turkish jet that committed intrusions of Greek airspace — on a regular basis wildly more radical than these Russians may have — Turkey would have no air force now.

When you’re making me a Putin supporter — congratulations — ’cause you’ve found all the right/wrong buttons to push.

Below (circled in red and marked in red in the lower map) is the stretch of the mountainous littoral of the northwestern Syrian coast that was ‘acquired’ by Turkey in 1939.  In antiquity its population was — and remains to this day — heavily Semitic/Arab; in classical times with a large Greek presence in the cities, including the great Greek city of Antioch, one of the three or four most important cities of the Roman Empire, and pretty much the birthplace of institutional Christianity.  Like the mountains of coastal Syria to the south (its Alawite heartland) and most of Lebanon, it became, over the centuries after the advent of Islam, a highland refuge for religious minorities fleeing the pressures of the intolerable tolerance and egalitarianism of the majority Sunnism of the Levant.  When comically renamed “Hatay” after Turkish acquisition — after the Hittites, I think, who, in the science fiction historiography of Republican Turkey are modern Turks’ ancestors (all nationalist mythologies are comical, but Republican Turkey’s was clearly lifted from a Star Trek episode) — its large non-Turkish, non-Sunni population was subjected to the heavy-handed Turkification campaign and religious discrimination all non-Turks of the Republic were The tiny corner of the southern edge of this zone is where the intrusion, shown above, of the Russian air jet, supposedly took place.

Screen Shot 2015-11-25 at 5.02.28 PM


Most of the region’s Christians, who were Syrian Orthodox Arabs, have departed for Istanbul over the past decades, so see also an upcoming post on the community of these Antiocheian Christians in Istanbul and the odd revivifying role they’re playing in the dying Greek community of the City.

See: “From the Guardian: Turkey could cut off Islamic State’s supply lines. So why doesn’t it? David Graeber



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