I’m registered at Amazon for my nameday

7 Dec


The response to my attack on Western birthdays, Christmas presents, child-rearing and consumerismPhoto: Athens metro — ‘Today is the nameday of…’was terrible and swift.  All were from people infuriated, offended, mostly women (just stating a fact), and totally, entertainingly point-missing.  “What’s wrong with buying a present for a friend you appreciate and care for?”  “That was a bitter and mean post.”  “A birthday cake is a way to show a child you love him.”  And, no, I “obviously” don’t have children.  (Christmas and children, especially — since both were invented at the same time in the nineteenth-century — are a particularly pointed way to épater le bourgeois when you need to.)  People felt demeaned, ridiculed.

I felt bad.

And that made me think about it some.  And I said to myself: “Wait a second; P. and I didn’t have a $100,000 wedding; nobody ever got me a house-warming gift off a Crate & Barrel registry, neither when I inherited my father’s house or bought my new place; I’m not getting pregnant any time soon…”  And I began to see the logic behind Western-style asking for presents.  Specific ones.  I started to see the wisdom of white-folk…

And so I’m sending out my Amazon wish-list as my nameday registry.  I’ve pasted a few screenshots below of the stuff that I’d really like, but I’m also sending out the link to the whole list so that you have a greater variety of gift-giving options.  My nameday was yesterday December 6th, but you traditionally have 40 days to wish me well, so let’s say that goes for buying me a gift too.  If we take into consideration that Old Julian Calendar St. Nicholas isn’t till December 19th, then you have way into January to get me something.

Thanks in advance and hugs and kisses to all.

My wish list!

List 1

List 2

List 3

List 4

List 5

List 6

List 7

List 8

Comment: nikobakos@gmail.com

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