“Birtsevits” — Watching Serbia-Italy FIBA

13 Sep

Sometimes I get really pissed off because I think certain Neo-Greeks don’t even try to say certain sounds because they don’t exist in standard Modern Greek and they’re associated with stigmatized provincial dialects and accents and that there’s a special animus against certain Slavic sounds in particular, which would be in keeping with Greek nationalist paranoias (since we’re all really Slavs!!! :) snaaaaatch!!!).

I’m not asking you to distinguish between the denser “č” and the lighter “ć” — which I even have trouble with — but can you really not even say “ch” at all?  Do I have to listen to you saying “Birtsevits”?  It’s painful.

Watching on mute…

Forza Serbia!!!


Stefan Birčević

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