#CatalanReferendum: As a foil for your own nationalist narcissism, you made up the myth of an intolerant, fascist Spain …and you got it.

1 Oct

We can go on about projection, or Jung and the Shadow, but I really can’t be bothered to say anything else right now.  Check Catalonia on my tags, or go to my one post that sort of says it all re: Vargas Llosa piece in TimesCatalonia: “Nationalism effaces the individual…”  I’ll re-post it.

But for all you millenial nitwits whose hearts are now bleeding for poor Catalonia, this is the end-game of the identity politics that have become your playground.  When you “stop taking pictures of your food” as Fran Lebowitz said, or gushing about an Emmy because it’s gone to an African-American or a South Asian and not to a great actor, or worrying about stupid Confederate monuments and instead try real, organized, intelligent political action, you’ll see the difference.

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