What did or do Ulster Protestants believe? That the Raj is eternal?

24 Nov

DUP leader says government trying “to use EU negotiations to promote united Ireland.”

Which is exactly what it should be doing.

Ulster Protestants are now the minority in Northern Ireland.  Northern Ireland has no functioning government.  The Catholic majority was pretty mature in its tossing off of uglier nationalisms a couple of decades ago and probably still wouldn’t have a problem if things stayed the way they had been agreed upon in the Good Friday agreement.

Protestants now want to lay down barbed wire — again — across sections of Ireland.  EVERY international player that has a ball in the game should now make it clear to them that that’s not going to happen — Britain especially.

Read the article in the Guardian.  I can’t be bothered to repeat my arguments any more.  Here they are:

Ireland — Gimme a break; I can’t believe this is even up for discussion

Is England ready for fresh Irish blood on its hands?

Ireland told-you-so: “I don’t think there’s any real support for violence, but you can see how quickly things can unravel…It’s very bleak, and it is something to worry about.”

“…The Irish government can’t overplay this card, but nor should anyone in the UK underestimate the seriousness with which it will hold to its position.”

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