Another one for the Byzantine Ambassador: Why do Catholics care?

12 Dec

Reposted old post:

Friggin’ Frangoi: Vatican Synod

18 Oct

I didn’t even know that the divorced were — and officially still are — banned from communion!!!

Then they wonder why people are alienated…

Why do Catholics even care?

Sorry.  I ask this question so much that I risk riding the edges of glibness.  But I receive communion without doing half the things I should before — when I can’t — and nearly always after having done things that I shouldn’t have.  But/and the Orthodox Church never even really tells me what those things are to begin with.  Someone, somewhere may disapprove and more power to them.  I act according to my conscience and am pretty sure most others do as well.  I never go to confession.  And am I supposed to get out of the bed where I’ve spent the night with someone I love more than myself and with every particle of my being — I can’t imagine a more sanctified state to receive the sacrament in, frankly — and drag my ass to church on a Sunday morning and be barred from communion because I’m not married to that person or ’cause I had had a hamburger the day before yesterday?

Why do Catholics care?  Why not continue to practice one’s own way as a massive form of underground, silent, civil disobedience (which is essentially how most Orthodox practice their faith anyway — I mean, who’ll know? *) and watch how in one generation the whole craziness will have faded away.

WHY DO CATHOLICS CONTINUE TO TRY AND MAKE THE CHURCH APPROVE OF THINGS THAT SHOULDN’T BE ITS BUSINESS?!  Don’t they realize the POWER they’re granting the Church by begging and fighting for it to give them its blessing for certain things.  Stop giving it to them.  You’re constantly inviting the Church into your lives as a moral arbiter and not as a means of transcendence and connection to the sacred…communion.  Stop giving them that power.  Take it back.  See what they do.

And, of course, it’s American voices at this last council who were most apprehensive about the new, more liberal language.

VATICAN-superJumboAndrew Medichini/Associated Press (click)


* Yes, well, I guess God will know.  And if you think that’s the shit He cares about, you’re already on the road to damnation because, as per Wilde, stupidity is the only sin.  Don’t even bother.


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