Boğaziçi in Erdoğan’s crosshairs

7 Jan

Screen Shot 2018-01-07 at 8.08.51 PM.jpg

Who wasn’t waiting for this to happen eventually?  Hands off, malaka, a school that I consider one of my lesser alma matres, though I only did one summer of Turkish there years ago.   Still, it was a cool environment and great people, faculty and student body, and with a tangible sense of pride in itself as playing a key role in the development of modern Turkey’s civil society.  I expected an AKP attack at some point –and it was inevitable but also took so long because of the University’s reputation in the West, somewhat parallel to that of the American Universities of Beirut and Cairo, or the struggling American University of Afghanistan in Kabul..  I just hope, the faculty sticks together, because I had also already heard rumors from reliable sources that there was whispering and name-naming going on.

Remember in the early 00’s when we thought we were on the verge of the Theological Seminary on Halke reopening.

From bad to worse…

See all of Lowen’s tweet

boğaziçi universitesi-7View up the Bosporus from Boğaziçi campus.


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