A break from the cesspool: Rana Farhan & the Mevlânâ

22 Feb

Drunk with Love Singer: Rana Farhan Poet: Rumi Album: I Return Music: Rana Farhan and Steven Toub ———————————————— My lover became intoxicated, look at his eyes, سرمست شد نگارم بنگر به نرگسانش His stories are drunken, his speech is slurred, مستانه شدحديثش پيچيده شدزبانش Sometimes he falls this way, sometimes he falls that way, گه ميفتدازينسوگه ميفتد ازآن سو These are the signs of one who is drunk, آنكس كه مست گردد خوداين بود نشانش His eyes drive everyone mad, but don’t try to make me fear him, چشمش بلاي مستان ما را ازو مترسان Because I’m drunk and I fear no one, not even the nightstick, من مستم ونترسم ازچوب شحنگانش Oh love, Allah, Allah, The king of kings has gotten drunk, اي عشق الله الله سرمست شد شهنشه Get up, grab his locks and pull him near, برجه بگيرزلفش دركش درين ميانش My thoughts are all about the lover, انديشه اي كه آيد دردل زيار گويد I’ll put my life before him, fill his mouth with gold, جان برسرش فشانم پرزركنم دهانش A face like a flower, his voice like a nightingale, آن روي گلستانش وان بلبل بيانش I want to learn all his desires, وان شيوه هاش يارب تا با كيست آنش This face of his is just a mask, in fact he is a light from the universe, اين صورتش بهانه ست اونورآسمانست Look past his beauty, the joy comes from his soul, بگذرزنقش وصورت جانش خوشست جانش It will make the winter change to spring, make the night change to day, دي رابهاربخشد شب را نهار بخشد This world is dead without the light from beyond. پس اين جهان مرده زنده ست ازآن جهانش

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