Boycott Turkish tourism?

3 Apr


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Nicholas Bakos Retweeted Carolyn Pierce:

Dude, you would probably have to stop watching any professional and semi-professional sports anymore anywhere in the world if you were really decided on boycotting Türk Hava sponsorship of almost EVERYTHING these days. They’ve got themselves a kick-ass p.r. firm.

Nicholas Bakos added,

Been sticking to my guns with that one. Even as the Greek crisis has made direct flights between Athens and the West more difficult and rarer, I’ll fly east first, to Dubai or Moscow, from Athens, and then on to New York from there, instead of using TA or going through Istanbul..

It’s a huge pain-in-the-ass, and no one hates flying like I do, but so goes it.

One Response to “Boycott Turkish tourism?”

  1. ibrahimoralemul May 28, 2018 at 9:53 am #

    False claims and lies.

    Turkey is a modern country.

    There is no dictatorship at all.

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