World Cup p.s. — Schadenfreude is, after all, a German word.

17 Jun


Whatever I feel about soccer, it affects even me, especially at these levels.  I’m happy that Serbia beat Costa Rica, even if it was just Costa Rica.  I was thrilled that France beat Australia.  And I’m now ready to jump into an abyss of pure annihilating joy BECAUSE MEXICO BEAT GERMANY!!!

My environment here helps.  Some Greeks, like me, have a weird love affair with Serbs, and vice-versa.  Greeks generally like France and see it as more the model of who they’d like to be than they do the Anglo world.  And anytime Germany is incapable of accomplishing something, I think lots of the world (for some weird reason), and not just Greeks, enjoy the spectacle enormously.  Especially at the hands of a cool country and lovable people like Mexicans.


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