Caifanes: “Muchos años uno cree, que el caer es levanterse…”

25 Jun

“…y de repente, ya no te paras.”

“For years and years, you just think falling means getting up again.  Then suddenly you can’t stand anymore.”

The Caifanes or now, Jaguares, one of the greatest bands of L.A. Spanish rock.  And you have to love Mexicans’ hard-nosed, dead-eyed straight look in the face of sorrow, loss, age, death…  (Why A.B. loved them so much?)  Such a relief from the forced happiness and carnival masques lotsa other Latin Americans think they have to live with.

Check ’em out.



My favorite song.  You’ll have to do the translating; it’s too personal and embarrassing for me… “Ayer Me Dijo Un Ave” —  “…yesterday a bird told me”:


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