Proud to be “a citizen of nowhere”

24 May

Generally, fostering a sense of citizen-of-the-world-ness is the reason I took to blogging.

That line that killed her for me:

She, too, deliberately stoked a culture war that threatens to consume Britain, most notoriously in her demagogic “If you believe you are a citizen of the world, you are a citizen of nowhere,” speech.

Check out more of the merciless British press:

Exit Theresa May. Stand by for a summer of Tory fratricide and country-shafting

Feel no pity for Theresa May. She has been the worst prime minister in modern times

3500 May 10Theresa May returns to 10 Downing Street after her resignation speech. Photograph: Hannah McKay/Reuters


2 Responses to “Proud to be “a citizen of nowhere””

  1. Milena May 26, 2019 at 12:54 am #

    Just in general — thank you for sharing! I don’t comment much, but I do check your blog from time to time for these interesting articles and insights.

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